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Name:Mr. Muhammad Mubarraq / Didi Malinda [Marketing]
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Y!: cs_bumata@yahoo.com Y!: cs_bumata Y!: cs_bumata1@yahoo.com Y!: cs_bumata1
Mobile Number:0813 1004 5708, 0852 1037 6568, 0816 1740 8786, 0878 8174 3863, ( 021) 940 48 734
Phone Number:(021) 861 3346, 8660 4409, 8660 4413
Fax Number:+62-21-8618992
Address:Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi No. 22 B Pondok Bambu, ( Di tengah tengah antara Tip Top Pondok Bambu dan Pangkalan Jati ) Jakarta Timur
Jakarta Timur 13430, Jakarta
HP : 52421891 : email: sales@ bumata.co.id
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Registration Date:Jan. 28, 2007
Last Updated:May. 29, 2015
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Industrial Supplies category

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Company Brief

BUMATA WEIGHING SYSTEM is an enterprise importers, distributors, stockists, manufacturing and selling various kinds of both industrial and individual scales. Bumata Weighing System is established since 2000. And also do the work in the automotive environment scales ( weighing system) from the construction ( weighing animals) or controller or instrumentation.

BUMATA WEIGHING SYSTEM also serve ( selling services) development of new systems and service improvements, making the optimization of weights and upgrade existing systems:

- Filling Machine
- Filling Scale
- Truck Scale
- Bagging Scale
- Hopper Scale
- Dynamic Check Weigher
- Batching System and Plants
- Formula Batch Weighing
- Semi Auto Packing Scale
- X-RAY ( metal detector) Inspecting Machine
- Passage Scale
- Crane Scale ( Hanging Scales)
- Animal Scale ( Scales Animal / Livestock)
- Platform Scale ( Scales Platform)
- Body Fat Scale ( Scales body)
- Floor Scale ( Scales Floor)
- Bank Note Counting Machines
- Weighing System for Lift Truck
- Electronic Balances
- Digital Platform Scale
- Jewelry Scale
- Electronic Price Computing Scale
- Digital Bathroom Scale
- Digital Kitchen Scale
- Scales Pertenakan
- Vehicle Weighing System
- Wireless Crane Scale
- Digital Indicator

Weight control formulas for mixing raw materials such as food, raw materials to make cement or cement, mixing chemicals, rubber products or rubber mixing, the mixing process food products, other product mix or the other.

Control of body weight over the conveyor which is running ( check-weighing) .Feed rate, total, weight density, and load ration, etc. displayed on one display. The output obtained by entering the input weight signal sent by the load cell and the speed signal sent by the speed detector is installed under the conveyor. Flow controlled flow simultaneously with setting the target value.

Weighing controller developed for supply and weight loss-in-weight. That is heavy bengontrolan output supply ( discharge) and the addition of input ( charging) automatically and be done with a controller that is able to calculate the flow rate of the weight of the material supply in the hopper.

Multi draft weighing of weight control that is suitable for weighing heavy area with a small weighing scale. Any rough feeding control functions such as auto switch over and judgment condition can be combined for weighing a rather quick or " low-count yet effective " .

Mixing control system automatically with the appropriate material. stock control, processing, mixing, controls the processing of products that do not stop ( continuous) , Weigh beaching system or batch controller.

For Plant Food, For Chemical Plant, concrete factory, cement factory, other factories other.

Batching Weighing System Indonesia, Indonesia Hopper Scales, Bagging Scales Indonesia, Indonesia Filling Machine, Truck Scale Indonesia, Indonesia Tank Weigher, Filling Scales Indonesia, Formula Batch Weighing Indonesia, Indonesia weigh stations. Batching System Indonesia, We are also the distributor or agent brands scales AND, Kistler and Unipulse. Also sells other brands of scales, such as TNAKA, Flintec, Nagata and South Ocean.

Bumata Weighing System serves scale packing, bagging scale, automated mixing the entire region of Indonesia
Jl.Pahlawan Revolusi No. 22B Jakarta - 13430
Tel: + 62-21-8601862, 8613346, 86604413 , 86604409
Mobile : 0813 1004 5708, 0852 1037 6568, 0816 1740 8786,
0878 8174 3863, ( 021) 940 48 734
Fax: + 62-21-8618992
Email: sales@ bumata.co.id or bumata@ gmail.com
PIN BLACKBERRY ( BB) : 52421891

Major Products / Services
    Bumata Engineering Systems mengerjakan desain, fabrikasi / konstruksi, dan jasa weighing equipment, membuat sistem weighing beaching dan software untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pencampuran material, mengkontrol proses dan menangani stock persediaan.

    Produk Kami:
    Belt Weigher for stock control, process control, or blending, Weigh Feeder for controlling the flow rate of product into a process and Blending products on a continuous basis, screw feeder, belt feeder, vibro feeder and so on, Weigh Belt Conveyor for In-Process Control and Batch Out Loading, Weigh Beaching System / Batch Controller, in-line check weighing, closing Conveyors, Platforms and Walkways, Hoppers, Pneumatic Conveyor, Screw Conveyors, Bench & Platform Scales.

    Aplikasi: sistem pencampuran adonan di pabrik makanan, coal weigh feeder, dll.

    Kami juga melayani servis weighing system.

    Kontak kami di Telp. 8601862, Hp. 0811 893 101.

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